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Writing a Wedding Speech

What we can do for you.

The Wedding

I Love You 
I Love You.

It's a memory that will live with all the people there! Making a speech for such a special moment can be very scary - and how many of us can stand in front of a crowd of people without being nervous? Don't be! It's a simple technique that, with a bit of practice, you will not only conquer those fears but you will deliver something very special memorable and unique. It starts by believing in your ability and not let nervousness have a say. It is you who are speaking - and you can do this. Let us work together to make this a memory that will last a lifetime.

Writing a Wedding Speech is something that is expected, but can be a challenge for even the most confident. Just because you are the Groom, Best Man, Father of the Bride, etc, it doesn't mean you are a confident writer or speaker. Naturally, you will want to make the right impression. You will be not only meeting, but speaking in front of many people you may never have met before. It is a nerve-wracking enough experience in itself, without have the worry about wondering if what you are saying is appropriate!

This is what we can do for you. We can tailor a memorable speech for you, saving all that worry. You can concentrate on the rest of the preparations, without having the added stress knowing that you can't keep putting off writing your speech for ever. All you need to do is let us know the key points you want to raise. The funny moments, the serious times, the important things that ought to be mentioned.

We can take your input and tailor your speech. Not only will it be written specifically for you, it will sound like you have written an excellent speech yourself.

How Can We Help You?

Your speech is about people you know and love. Therefore, you will already have some idea of the things you want to say in your wedding speech. Anecdotes, jokes (tasteful, of course!) and little bits of "off the wall" history about them are those special things that you know. These are key factors for a memorable speech. You have the knowledge for the content of a fascinating, interesting and entertaining speech. You may not feel you have the necessary skills to create and deliver that speech. This is where we come in. We craft your knowledge into the speech you wish you were able to write yourself. We take the stress of all the behind the scenes work, leaving you to enjoy reading your speech and seeing your attentive audience.

Traditional Wedding Speeches

Once upon a time, it was traditional for certain people at the wedding to say certain things and toast certain people. You may still wish to follow this protocol. On the other hand, it is your personal and special day, and there is no reason at all why you shouldn't be different. No longer is it solely the domain of the Groom, Best Man and Father of the Bride. If you want someone else to speak at your wedding, then let them!

Furthermore, the days of the Best Man reading out the telegrams from those unable to attend are long gone. Throw caution to the wind, and do what you feel appropriate - a song and dance if you really want to! There are unlimited possibilities and, whilst you shouldn't bore your guests to death with endless irrelevant speeches, there is plenty of room for anyone to have their say. If in doubt, we can help you decide who to speak - and for how long.

Option 1

We Edit Your Speech.

You write your speech, and send it to us. We will then go through it with you and tweak your wording and give you constructive feedback.

Unlimited edits and telephone support mean together we can hone your speech to perfection!

We allow up to 48 hours for this process.

Option 2

We Write Your Speech.

We write your speech, based on the notes you send. We will then go through it with you and tweak the wording to suit you.

Unlimited edits and telephone support mean together we can hone your speech to perfection!

We allow up to 72 hours for this process.


Helping You Deliver Your Speech.

Not everyone is an expert speaker! However, we can help you to deal with your nerves, teach you how to engage with your audience - and deliver you perfect speech so that it will be remembered for all the right reasons!

We offer 1, 2 or 3 hour sessions.