Lucienne Sharpe


You don't want to trust the writing of your important wedding speech written to just anyone. Lucienne Sharpe has a solid and established background not just in literary work and writing, but also in teaching, coaching and working with the less confident. Therefore, you can rest assured that Lucienne will not only be able to write you the perfect speech, but also, if you want, be able to coach you in delivering it.


Lucienne was Head of Performing Arts and Head of English at St Joseph's school, an Academy for those with Autism and Multicomplex Diffculties. She set up the whole of the Performing Arts Centre, developing Dance, Drama and theatrical skills for the examining Board WJEC. Her students gained distinctions and the school received the Arts Mark Gold Award A prestigious award.

The Ofsted inspection named her as an Exemplary Teacher, and the HMI was impressed with her work with the Philharmonic Orchestra, who did workshops at the school and several companies.

She also worked with the English Speaking Board Exams, gaining her students distinctions, offering Shakespeare for those with Speech Impairment and Autism. She set up the whole of the English Department and offered staff resources and resource room as Head of English and Performing Arts GCSE work. This has evolved and she has helped her students to love poetry and gain A Star in their grades.

Much of their work has been about understanding poetry and enthusiasm for the skills of creative writing. Several students found poetry difficult and have gained a new love and appreciation of the subject.




Lucienne is currently studying the work of TH Hamblin and Genevieve Behrend. Both were Metaphysical Teachers.She is also studying Kinesetics, which is the understanding of Body Language Science and, as a result, has used this for Communication skills training to those who need support for Interviews and presentational skills.